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PacificVis Papers use 8.5 words in the title.

Four, authors, worked, together

Abstract—On average, 154 words are used in the abstracts of PacificVis papers. The shortest one had 49 words while the longest one had 322 words, which used up about a quarter of the first page!

Keywords: Data visualization, Visualization, Rendering, Layout, Image color analysis


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Table 1. General Information
Date April 18 to 21, 2017
Location Seoul, Korea
Venue Hoam Faculty House


[1] The official webpage, http://pacificvis.snu.ac.kr/

[2] Cui et al., "Context Preserving Dynamic Word Cloud Visualization", 2010.

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On average, PacificVis papers use 8.5 words for the title. Out of 313 papers, only 12 (4%) papers used three or less words. The longest title had 19 words, so if you want to impress your reviewers, make the title longer than 20 words!

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On average, 4 authors work on a PacificVis paper together. Only three papers had 10 co-authors! By the way, could we enter more than 10 authors on the PCS system?

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We removed the word 'visualization.'

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