APRIL 18-21, 2017
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The Birth of a Virtual Cell

  • Peter Mindek
  • Johannes Sorger
  • Tobias Klein
  • David Kouřil
  • Daniel Toloudis
  • Gregory R. Johnson
  • Liya Ding
  • Graham Johnson
  • Ivan Viola


In our current research project, we are working on the interactive visualization of cellular data at multiple scales. The visual story telling contest motivated us to describe the process of bringing this complex volumetric data "to life". We scripted the visual story directly within the current build of our multi-scale visualization. The entire video is therefore rendered in real time. This enabled us to directly show the steps involved in the rendering of our final visualization based on the actual data and the actual algorithms that are applied. The various effects in the video are therefore parameter variables for existing multi-scale visualization functions that change over time. The final result of our visualization was inspired by a rendering of the reference 3D model that was created by a scientific illustrator. The challenge that we overcome in our visualization was to create a rendering of the original data at stable 30 frames per second that matches the offline rendered illustration in visual quality, which helps to clarify the complex 3D arrangements of the inner components of the cell.