APRIL 18-21, 2017
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The Rise and Fall of the Greater China's Economy

  • Liuhuaying Yang
  • Zhengyan Yu


China's economy has grown rapidly after the reform and opening-up, however, Hong Kong and Taiwan's economic performance in recent years gradually slows down. Fortune 500 is generally considered as a mirror of the economy. Here, we use the data visualization to test this hypothesis: enterprise ranking can reflect economic growth. From those visualizations, we can conclude that China enterprises' performance is getting better, and there is a trend that more following enterprises are entering the Fortune 500 list. Likewise, there are more Hongkong enterprises on Fortune list, and basically, Hongkong enterprises' rankings are going upward. As for the part of Taiwan, the change trend is ups and downs, and fewer new enterprises showing on the list. Let's look back at the theme, China and Taiwan economy reflect on Fortune 500. As for Hong Kong's economic boom in recent years, we cannot observe this phenomenon from the fortune 500 visualizations.