APRIL 18-21, 2017
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Visualization of the Forever 27 Club

  • Suchismita Naik
    National Institute of Design, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


This visualization is the timeline of the popular musicians who died at the age 27, often as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, violent means such as suicide or homicide. The timeline is distributed according to the cause of death and year of death. The main goal of this visualization is to make users find their own stories through data and also to create awareness among a large user base. The inspiration of this visualization is a gramophone where the details are displayed according to the position of the pointer. The choice of this style of graphical elements is made to build more empathy towards the fans of these artists in order to glorify the short-lived lives of these great artists. Interfaces are designed so as to make the visualization more interactive by providing the filters such as genres and artist types, single-frame interactivity to maintain a consistent narration flow and having detail-on-demands feature in order to reduce the cognitive load of the users.